Sunday, April 13, 2014

la vie boheme

Thanks to Pete, I got an invite to the house of my favorite poet. She lives only two hours away and every month, she hosts Poetry & Pie. 

So for one night, I got to spend an evening inside her beautiful and gracious home, drinking gin, sangria and champagne out of tea cups, listening to a harp, eating chocolate truffle pie and listening to the most incredible poets, as well as spend an hour talking about tarot cards.

That is the succinct, quick and dirty version. It was the most incredible experience. In fact, this entire month of April has been one long, poetic experience, kicked off by my first (nice) rejection letter, followed up by picking up Fatimah from the airport for tomorrow and talking to her about my future plans - apparently there is a great poetry scene in the Bay. 

It gives me hope - that I could someday have a house like Rachel's, write poetry and do theatre and surrounding myself with people whose creativity I value.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

shuffle off to Buffalo

It's crazy - I live so close to the city and yet I hardly ever go. Because I don't have a car/money, I have rehearsals, there's always stuff to do on campus...

Except today, some of us from the Writer's Ring took off to Buffalo for a small book press fair. There were a lot of vendors there but wasn't that impressive (although I walked out with a book). We hung out, drove around Buffalo and it's beautiful architecture, wound up at Anchor Bar (home of the Buffalo chicken wings. I can now say I am a WNY-er!). A bucket of wings and a pitcher of McSorley beers. It's a good thing we took two vehicles because the other car broke down on the highway on the way up - Pete and I were driving together and we doubled back to pick them up. Savvy and I rode in the trunk on the way back. Pete played his anthem, "I love her and cigarettes". 

The forty-five minute drive up, Pete and I talked about how crazy it was - that we are graduating. Me, off to California. He decided to turn down the MFA programs and take a year off. How huge the Writer's Ring has gotten (we were recognized at the book fair!). How far we have come.

Friday, April 4, 2014


Shelby Converse is a senior theatre major with minors in creative writing and interdisciplinary studies. She is from Hopkinton, NY and will be graduating from @SUNYFredonia this May. After graduation, Shelby plans on moving to California to join a theatre company. She would eventually like to return to the east coast and work as an actor combatant/devising theatre artist. Shelby says, “When I came here for the first time to audition, a stranger said hi to me and was really kind. That’s why I came here. I said to myself, if that’s the type of people that are at Fredonia, then I want to be here as well.” #fredseniorportraits